Chinese New Year Celebration 2017

Chinese New Year celebration – The Year of the Rooster

Sunday – 29 January 2017 From 12.30pm – 3pm

  • 12.30pm Reception
  • 1pm Welcome Speech by Kim Leong
  • 1.05pm Speech by Mr Mayor Robert Redfern
  • 1.10pm Gloria Tse - 谢宛彤 - solo performance on the piano - 红颜旧 - "Bygone Beauty"
  • 1.15pm LMBCCA Children’s Chinese Music Group – Jack Liu and Kim Wai Leong
  • 1.20pm Chinese and English School children sing Chinese Happy New Year song
  • 1.25pm Kirsty Ma, Lilianna Ren and Faye will play ‘Moon poet’ - 水调歌头 / 明月几时
  • 1.30pm Long Walk Chinese Orchestra
  • 2pm LUNCH
  • 2.30pm:
    Chinese Shuttlecock competition
    Tai Chi performance Chuansen Ren plus audience participation
    Chinese Riddles – James Liu
  • 2.55pm Raffle Draw